Once upon a time, in a Grooming Tales class, a bunch of kids engaged in an activity that involved standing up against the bullies in the society. The next day at school, each of these children handed out notes of correction and love to the troublemakers in their classroom. Teachers were stunned! How did we teach these children COURAGE in just one day?

They did not! Kids discovered this life skill on their own through handpicked activities and stimulating conversations. Since the discovery was ‘sub-conscious’, the learning was impactful, actionable. That in a nutshell, is the power of GROOMING children at Grooming Tales.

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Happy Parents and Children

Speechmasters class has been a great learning experience for my son. he has become more confident than before. he really enjoyed each and every class that he took. The teachers at Grooming Tales are very friendly and easy to communicate with.

Tara Sherpa

Grooming Tales is a best center for grooming kids. Prapti has gained a lot of confidence through her Speech masters class. She became more expressive and buildup her confident level after joining Grooming Tales. I'm really happy and wants to thanks entire Grooming Tales Family.

Sulochana Shrestha

My child Gauresh had a wonderful time with hip hop dancing...Thank u grooming tales for letting him excel in dance and we are waiting for more to come.

Pooja Khetan Agarwal

To see my son making his own app was a thrilling experience. Thank you Ayushi and Mridula. Though at first, I was not sure about putting him in Codemasters but now with him, even I am waiting for the second level. The class is totally learning with fun. Keep it up!

Shilpa Baid


Frequently Ask Questions

  • Q. Will my child learn everything there is to painting in 12 classes?

    We follow a structured lesson plan which covers all the basics of art. In the 12 classes, we will work towards building the foundation of the child and make it strong so that they can continue to create on their own even after the classes end.

  • Q. My child just does not want to read/write. How will this course help?

    Children usually don’t like reading or writing because they find it very tedious and boring task. Our lesson plan is completely activity based due to which children enjoy our classes and as children read or write as a part of a fun-based activity, children are very willing to be involved and complete the tasks assigned.

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  • Mridula Saria
When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I were having an in length discussion ab...



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