Abeer outreach program

Abeer outreach program

Abeer is an initiative by us to extend our activity based teaching culture to children in NGO’s and shelter homes free of cost. For these children our workshops will expose them to skills for the real world through maximum exposure to knowledge, science, dance, music, art and craft, etiquettes, books, speech, drama, current issues, hygiene and the like. 

In our journey so far we have conducted this workshop in several cities across Nepal in collaboration with Round Table Nepal. It is a charitable social organization that sees education as the primary pillar of change in the society.

    • The program will comprise of 12 hours delivered in a flexible fashion, continuous batches of a routine hours every day or specific hours on a weekly/monthly basis.
    • The theme of these workshops will be decided by our mentors depending on children interests and skills.
    • The program will be conducted free of cost.
    • Basic child care assisting will be provided from the NGO relating to child escorting for washrooms and other form of class management.
    • The workshop also includes a special one hour program for the teachers of NGO. In this hour teachers and children care team will be introduced to activity based teaching approach that they will be able to put in practice in their day to day engagement with children and which will further propagate the efforts of our workshops.
    • We have also tied up with Round Table Nepal for this project with whom we have successfully completed many different teacher training workshops for schools of Kathmandu and Birgunj.

In our experience we come across a lot of people who wish to contribute something for the underprivileged, to do something that impacts lives but most of us are lost about the what’s and the how’s. A bigger dilemma moreover is knowing for sure the worthiness of it. Was my money put to good use? Did it reach the people it was supposed to? We can never tell for sure. And just in this dilemma years pass by and more often than not we end up doing nothing.
Here’s a chance for all of you out there who are passionate about helping children. It requires no money and no funds. It only requires a few hours of your time, for you to be present yourself, you yourself shall be the changemakers !
Under the ABEER outreach program, the arrangement for private undertaking shall be as such:

  • Interested volunteers may choose an NGO of their preference within the city to pursue this program

  • A basic guideline and activity plan will be shared with the volunteers for smooth class conduct. We will always be available to guide and support them should they have any questions or problems.

  • The course will be conducted in a 70-30 participation wherein volunteers will contribute to take 70% of class hours and Grooming Tales will fill in for the remaining 30% (which will include the teacher training part)

For more details feel free to contact the program directors. Be a part of Abeer, continue to follow their progress, continue to learn about them, and continue to invest in them, all it takes is a few hours of your time to ADD COLOURS TO LIVES OF MANY!