• Q. Will my child learn everything there is to painting in 12 classes?

    We follow a structured lesson plan which covers all the basics of art. In the 12 classes, we will work towards building the foundation of the child and make it strong so that they can continue to create on their own even after the classes end.

  • Q. My child just does not want to read/write. How will this course help?

    Children usually don’t like reading or writing because they find it very tedious and boring task. Our lesson plan is completely activity based due to which children enjoy our classes and as children read or write as a part of a fun-based activity, children are very willing to be involved and complete the tasks assigned.

  • Q. My child is shy. Will the workshop help with that?

    Shyness is a personality trait and not necessarily a bad one. Shy children tend to be more critical of their own thoughts and actions which is more likely to lead to personal development and self-growth. Our workshops focus on helping children identify their personal abilities and focus on them to give them a confidence boost. Having confidence in their own skills and abilities is more likely to make children participative and more vocal about their thoughts.

  • Q. What can I expect at the end of the level?

    At the end of the level, we host a finale in which the children showcase their learnings either through a stage performance or any other creative manner.

  • Q. What if my child misses a class during the three months?

    Children usually are able to catch up to one or two missed classes. Therefore, we allow up to three missed classes during the entire course which will be later compensated at the end of the course. We also provide the agenda covered during the class as well as the assignment in our whatsapp group. So, children can always send in their assignment despite missing the class and receive the feedback from the mentors and work on it. Any classes missed above the three classes will not be accounted for by Grooming Tales. Moreover, it will be difficult for the children also to catch in case they miss classes on a regular basis. So, the course is likely to be more effective if the child is regular.