NRS. 2800

Adding some playdough-y goodness to the world of alphabets & words!

These adorably illustrated playdough mats are designed to be visually memorable. Each mat has outlined objects which begin from each alphabet and need to be filled with play dough. Get your little ones to mould the play dough into different objects and place them onto the mats corresponding to that Alphabet!

Ages: 2 - 4 years

So, why should you buy this?
- Integrates play dough into helping the child learn as they play.
- Covers a vast range of objects & shapes to introduce to the child.
- An informal introduction to learning the alphabets.- Fine tunes motor skills by getting the child to fill the dough only within the outlines.
- Illustrations that are designed to hold the child’s attention.

How to use:
- Scatter all the mats around or go number by number.
- Point out the alphabet to the child & the object which needs to be filled in.
- Get the child to repeat the alphabet with the object (eg. U for Umbrella, B for Bear) while filling in the outlines with play dough!

Material - Laminated Paper Mats

Content - 13 Mats + Set of Play Dough

Dimensions: mats- 11.5 inches * 16.5 inches

Contents: 13 Mats | 1 set of play dough