Hey! There’s something that I want you to know

Hey! There’s something that I want you to know

NRS. 3000-4700

Imagine your child gifting you a Story Book to let you know how much you mean to him/her.

 "There's something I want you to know" is a personalised story book which stars your little one along with his/her favourite person in the whole, wide world. The theme is spread across Love & Gratitude for that favourite person. It's a series of adventures and treasured moments between your child and that person.

 So, why should you buy this?
- Instills a sense of gratitude in the child as it celebrates their bond with their favourite person.
 - Covers a diverse range (More than 10) of scenarios & moments that you see in daily life
 - Makes for a great bonding experience between the child and their favourite human.
 - The perfect night-time tale to snuggle into bed with!

 How to use:
- Let the favourite human read the book with your child one and celebrate the bond they share with each other!  

Contents: 1 Storybook

Size :  8 * 8 inch (Soft bound)- 3000 
         8 * 8 inch (Hard bound)- 3500
        11 * 11 inch (Soft bound)- 4000 
        11 * 11 inch (Hard bound)- 4700