Look what my finger can do

Look what my finger can do

NRS. 2000

A set of Interactive Adventure Boards that you bring to life using your Fingers!

Be the horn of a unicorn, a witch's broom, an elephant's trunk and a whole lot more with these delightfully illustrated boards. The boards encourage kids to engage with the bright, bold visuals and make interactive stories with a host of different characters!

Ages: 6 months - 3 years

So, why you should buy this?
- Enhances the motor skills of the child as they follow specific instructions/directions as given on each board
- Acts as a visual stimulant by attracting children to the bright, bold colours & by getting them to follow your hand as it moves through the Boards.
- Grows your child’s imagination by becoming a series of stories which he/she completes using their fingers!
- A wide-ranging variety of themes in each set- Animals, fictional characters, sports, artists etc.

 How to use/play:
- Pick any board and encourage your child to complete it using their fingers.
- Each board lays out instructions which you must do with your fingers.
- Complete each scene with an interactive fun story that you / your child must say using the different characters on each board.

Material: Hardboard Content

Contents: 20 Boards

Size: 8.5 * 5.5 inches per board