Nimble Ninjas!

Nimble Ninjas!

NRS. 2000

A game, a treasure hunt, an obstacle course.

For your kids. For you. For the family.

Nimble Ninjas is a portable, set-it-up yourself sort of obstacle course! It combines mental as well as physical tasks which are both challenging, and fun.

Ages: 4+

So, why should you buy this?
- Nimble Ninjas is family fitness in its purest sense! It keeps everyone active.
- Portable: Conveniently sized to make carrying them around easy. 
 Very easy setup - 30 second setup in any open space, indoors or outdoors!
- Customisable: Use the back of each card to write your own tasks which you can then erase & reuse to write new ones!
- For Family & Friends of all ages.
- Tasks are based on Physical Development, Intellectual IQ and Multi-tasking abilities.

How to Play:
- It takes less than a minute to set it up!
- Place the boards on the ground, in multiples of 5. With 50 boards to choose from, you decide how challenging you want the game to be.
- Start doing the tasks specified on the Board. You can challenge your opponents (parents, aunts, sisters, brothers, anybody, everybody) too!
- You can even enter your own tasks on the Reusable Boards

Size: 8.5 * 5.5 inches.

Contents: 20 Obstacle Boards