Shout it

Shout it

NRS. 650

Shout it! is a quick-fire, family-friendly card game which is a test of speed, memory and super basic knowledge! It's sure to make you think. It's certain to make you shout. And it's definitely going to make you laugh!

Ages: 6+

So, why should you buy this?
- Just a 3 Rules Game.
- Challenging for both kids & adults. Fun for the entire Family.
- Extremely Fast & Quick
- Designed to test & develop the memory & knowledge of the players.
- Covers a broad range of topics to expand the knowledge of the child.

How to play:
- Each card in the deck has one of four symbols in the centre
- Match the symbols on the cards (so match the lion symbol on your card with another lion symbol on someone else's card)
- Shout an answer to the heading/category on the opponents card before he/she shouts out the answer to the heading on your card
- The one who shouts the answer first wins the card!

Content: 123 Category Cards & Wild Cards in 2 boxes + Rule Sheet.