Tales from the Wild-A Jungle Mat

Tales from the Wild-A Jungle Mat

NRS. 4000

'Tales from the Wild' is an interactive, larger-than-life jungle-themed activity mat with a specially crafted story!

This adorable illustrated activity mat is accompanied by specially crafted books, each of which focus on bringing alive different aspects & elements of the jungle & its inhabitants.

Ages: 2 - 6 years

So, why should you buy this?
- An interactive, learn-through play experience.
- Learn about animals through visual & textual cues.
- Simplifies complex subjects of the animal world into easy-to-follow & fun stories.
- Makes for a great bonding experience as the child and parents/grandparents team up to hunt for the animals through the mat!

The Book:

Hey! Who's that on my Tail? revolves around discovering the phenomenon behind the Animal Food Chain through an informal, playful and child-friendly way. Through the storyline, your child guesses which animal chases who, which animal she/he needs to get to and also gets introduced to the laws of the jungle.

How to Use:
- Spread the Mat on the Floor.
- The child plays the role of the lion (get them to roar out occasionally, it's awesome!)
- Parents read out the book, asking children to guess the animals based on the clues.
- The child guesses the animal, looks around on the mat for it & moves to it before the story continues. 

Dimensions: 55 inches * 36 inches

Material: Cloth

1 Mat + 1 Book + 1 Lion Piece