The Adventures of PeeWee McWhiskers

The Adventures of PeeWee McWhiskers

NRS. 4000
The Adventures of PeeWee McWhiskers' is an interactive story that converts community helpers into the superheroes they are! PeeWee McWhiskers needs your help to get out of some sticky, sticky situations! This is a story book & an interactive game based on the attach-detach concept.


- Converts the topic of community helpers into a story which is memorable & holds repeat value.
- Dynamic & empowering. The child needs to hunt for the correct pieces & then attach the right combination of the community helper, vehicle & tool to complete the story.
- Celebrates & highlights the contributions of each community helper in our lives.


- Spread out all the pieces of the 30 different community helpers, their tools and vehicles

- Read the story & decide which community helper to call upon, which vehicle they will come in, and which of their tools will they use.
- Identify the community helpers and simply velcro attach the right combination on the right scenario!

Content: Community Helpers Hand Book (11*13 inches), 74 Community Helper Pieces

Dimensions: 12 inches * 10 inches