The Spotted Bedsheet

The Spotted Bedsheet

NRS. 4500 - 5500

A larger-than-life, colourable, washable, doodle-filled bedsheet to awaken the artist, observer & storyteller in your child!

The Spotted! Bedsheet is a massive canvas filled with doodles. Accompanying the bedsheet is a set of our Spotted! Cards and a set of washable stationery. This bedsheet can be used differently for children of different ages. We’re making home a brighter place. One coloured doodle at a time.

Ages: 2 - 12 years

So, why should you buy this?
- Great colouring practice which you can do over & over & over!
- Identifying & matching objects from the flashcards on the bedsheet
- Recognising and categorising objects (eg: things which are red, things found in the rain, etc.)
- Connecting objects to create new stories each time to aid creative thinking.
- Makes for the perfect family experience.

 How to Use:
- Get children to start recognising different objects.
- A thematic object hunt, 'Can you find me things that are.... (red / found in the rains / found in the sky)'
- Combine random doodles and create new stories from scratch.

Dimensions: Single (5ft * 7ft), Double -(9ft * 8ft) 

Material: 100% Cotton.

Washing Instructions: Machine Wash

Contents: 01 Bedsheet + 04 Washable Markers + Spotted Game Cards.

Colour: White with colourful border.