The Ramayan Playmat

The Ramayan Playmat

NRS. 5700

Bring the Ramayan to life with our larger-than-life and interactive Ramayan activity mat.

This adorable mat illustrates the main scenes and characters of this Great Epic. It's not simply about reading out the Ramayan to the kids, but actually making them become a part of the Ramayan, by taking in the scene, looking for & attaching the different pieces on the mat.

Age: 18 months to 5 years.

So, why should you buy this?
- An interactive introduction to this great Indian epic.
- Gets the child to identify the right piece to complete the scenes & bring the Ramayan to life instead of being a passive, static story.
- Breaks down the Ramayan into its main scenes to make it easy to follow.
- A family favourite because, well, who doesn’t have fond memories associated with Ramayan?

How to Play:
- Read the story on the mat, scene by scene.
- Get your child to understand which pieces are needed to complete the scene.
- Find the right piece and attach/move it on the mat to complete the scene. Eg: Sail the boat across the Saryu river, fly the Sanjeevani booti to Lakshman etc.

Contents: 1 Cloth Mat + Felt Velcro Pieces

Size: 4.5 ft x 5.5 ft