Social media holds tremendous power. Blogging workshop for children introduces them to this world through which they can influence the world at large. 

The workshop focuses on:

Week 1-3 : Basics of Blogging

- Introduction to blogging

- What is blogging?

- Difference between writing and blogging

- Explore different blogging websites

- Familiarize with different famous bloggers

- Create and design a blog

Week 4-6 : Creating Content

- Brainstorm different ideas about the blog

- Sharing and forming opinions via your blogs

- Structuring blogs

- Photography for blogs

Week 7-9 : Dive into Blogging

- Curate ideas for blogs

- Personalize the blog

- Understand the audience

- Learning about different types of blogs. E.g. Travelogues, etc

Week 10-12 : Focus on Making the Content Interesting

- Connecting through blogging

- Internet safety (privacy in internet)

- Basic knowledge of SEO